Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales

1. All quotes are valid for a period of 7 days only.
2. On acceptance of the quote, a purchase order must be signed. The price on the purchase order will be the fixed price.
3. Selling and hiring of gowns are done at a first come first serve basis. This also depends on if the gowns are still available in studio, or to order.
Ordering and payments:
1. No gowns will be ordered before a 50% of the purchase price is paid and reflect into Calegra’s bank account.
2. No gowns will be ordered before a signed purchase order has been received.
3. Order period from 14-16 weeks
4. Dresses can be ordered on a rush order( 10-12 weeks) additional rush fees will be charged.
5. An order can be cancelled within 7 days of ordering if the order has not yet been processed by the ordering agent.
6. For a rush order the cancellation period is only 24hrs from ordering.
7. Once the order has been processed no money can be refunded.
8. The 50% balance of the dress is payable on receiving of the gown within 7 days from arrival, irrespective if the gown has been inspected by the customer. A concession is made in that the customer has 7 days from arrival to inspect the gown before payment becomes due.
9. Interest is payable at prime plus 2% per annum, compounded daily on all late payments.
10. Any liability for bank charges resulting from erroneous cheque payments will be billed back to the customer and is payable before the ordered items will be released.
11. If there is any fault to the dress its must be send back to the designer within that 7 days period, the designer is then obligated to fix the problem at his own costs and at no extra cost to Calegra bridal House ot to the client.
12. All the dresses are made to measure for each client therefore no refunds will be given to any dresses- refunds will only be given in circumstances where the gown cannot be reproduced by the designer.
13. No alterations on the gowns will be made without full payment of the purchase price.
14. Gowns will not be released to the customer before full payment of alterations; deposits etc. as invoiced are paid in full and reflects as such in the bank account of Calegra.
15. All gowns sold from the display stock are sold as is and the customer is liable for the cost of any alterations of repairs and changes.
16. All gowns sold from the display stock must be paid in full before it will be taken of the display area.
17. All studio gown sales must be paid in full- it is up to every studio if they want to work on a 50% deposit basis.
18. Calegra will not be liable for any damages relating but nor limited to: a) Cancellation of the wedding b) Any acts of God, riots which may affect the wedding. c) Any late arrivals of gowns resulting from delayed orders from late payments made d) If Calegra is at fault, directly or indirectly for any defects in any item ordered or the late delivery of such item, Calegra’s liability will be limited to the value of the purchase price of the item and no subsequent damages will be claimable from Calegra, its members or its representatives.
19. If a dispute of any kind arises between Calegra and the customer in connection with these conditions of sales, including any dispute as to any opinion, instruction, determination or valuation by either party the matter in dispute shall be referred in writing to a mutually agreed arbitrator. The arbitration shall take place in accordance with the rules for arbitration of the AFSA. Their decision will be final, and not subject to appeal.
20. The customer will not be able to cede any of its rights or to delegate any of its obligations arising out of, or pursuant to, the sale without the written consent of Calegra first being obtained in writing.
21. Cleaning of gowns will be at own risk of the customer and Calegra will not be held responsible for any damages, or discolouring of fabrics. This is applicable to studio stock and new orders.
Terms and Conditions to Bride for hiring gowns:
1. Extreme care is taken with our dresses. The garment must be inspected by the Bride when collecting. The garment should be fitted at final fitting to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. Once the gown leaves our studios we will not take responsibility whatsoever if the gown was not fitted for a final time to ensure that it fits perfect.
2. The gown is rented as is. Should you wish to alter the gown to fit your body it will be done on the bride’s expense
3. A safety deposit of R2, 500.00 will be required in cash when you collected the gown. The deposit will be ready for collection once we have cleaned the gown and no major flaws, tears, burns or any stains are on the gown. This will be payable within 7 working days.
4. The bag and the wooden hanger accompanying the hired articles must be returned or a charge will be made to the customer of R100.00.
5. All garments will be collected only in the week of the wedding.
6. 50% Deposit required to secure the rental of the gown.
7. The balance of the gown will be paid before any alterations start -2 to 3 weeks prior to the wedding.
8. The gown will be returned within two days after the wedding. R500.00 will be deducted for every day the gown is late.
9. On cancellation of the order no money will be refunded on rental gowns. This is a loss of income to the store does not matter if the dress was paid in full
10. It is the bride’s responsibility to ensure the garments are returned to Calegra studio’s in good order and in time.
11. Alterations should be done in such a way that it does not permanently alter the dress and can be undone to enable the dress to go back to its original state.
12. The bride is responsible for the gown from the time it leaves a Calegra studio until the said gown is returned.
13. It is the prerogative of each studio to decide if they are willing to rent out a gown made of very delicate fabric.
14. Should you want to rent a gown that needs to be ordered from the catalogue the Standard Terms and Conditions apply!
15. When you do order a gown from the catalogue and you have not seen the colour that you have ordered it in, Calegra do not take responsibility if you are not happy with said colour. Please bear in mind that with certain fabrics the colour of the gown might be a shade lighter or darker.
16. When ordering a gown from the catalogue the standard time will be 16 weeks unless prior approval has been given for any rush order.
17. When your wedding gets cancelled or it is postponed you will lose your money and no refunds will be given. Refunds will only be given on cancellation within 7 days of signing the contract. For rush orders cancellation of a 24hr period.
18. Hoop or petticoat hire is not included in the rental price and an additional quote will be given to this and a safety deposit of R500.00 will be required. Should the hoop or petticoat bee returned in a good order within 2 days after the wedding the deposit will be returned with the safety deposit of the gown. Should we need to clean the hoop or petticoat or its damaged you will lose the R500.00 deposit.
19. No alterations will commence without the balance of the gown.
20. Alteration days are determined by every studio.