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Calegra Bridal House offers breathtaking wedding dresses in South Africa created by some of the best designers. Calegra Bridal’s extensive variety of wedding dresses means that no matter what you’re looking for, we will have a number of stunning gowns you’ll fall in love with.

Our collections include:

The Anna Georgina Collection created by South African Designer Kobus Dippenaar. Kobus is one of SA’s most loved and established fashion designers.The Anna Georgina collection grew out of Kobus’ desire to take haute couture fashion and make it more accessible. Kobus believes that every woman has a beauty that is her own, an essence that deserves recognition. Having designed dresses for women for 30 years, he says that one of the most underplayed aspects of women is their inherent power and beauty, often unrecognized by the woman herself.

The Jeannelle l’Amour Bridal brand was founded by award winning South African designer Casey Jeanne. Her style tests the barriers and boundaries of what it means to be a bride in todays age. Casey understands what the modern bride wants. Her designs embody an appreciation for the female form and real-girl curves, uplifting women for who they are.

When you come to Calegra Bridal House for a fitting appointment, you can expect a special and memorable time trying on the best designer dresses South Africa has to offer. Our team will help you find wedding dresses to match your taste and look fabulous on your frame, ensuring you have a great experience and feel comfortable while you’re looking for that perfect dress.

Calegra Bridal House is one of the oldest and most reputable bridal boutiques in South Africa, so we understand just how important it is to find the perfect wedding dress.
It’s our unrivalled attention to detail and our emphasis on customer service that allows us to help find the perfect wedding dress for so many South African brides.

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